Name of the initiative:

100% Renewable Energy Communities

By: Riedo Panaligan Professionals
Scope: Local
Cities of implementation:
  • Aringay-la Union
  • Dumingag-zamboanga Del Sur
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month:


Project's value: < 100k USD

The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) works with local government units in the Philippines to develop 100% Renewable Energy (RE) communities powered by network (micro-grids) of small-scale technologies harnessing energy from different renewable sources.

Implementation modalities:

CREST provides technical assistance to LGUs to help them design and develop their RE program; increase capacity of their personnel on utilization of existing RE and EE technologies; and help them tap and access available funding oppurtunities. We also work with local universities to harness off-shelf components for fabrication of micro-hydro and small-scale wind technologies to lower production costs and make these technologies more affordable to rural and marginalized communities.

Expected accomplishments:

By the end of 1 year, CREST will be able to develop 100% RE community showcases in its partner cities/municipalities.


By the end of 1 year, we were able to:

  • Trained more than 50 local government officials and representatives from key sectors- academe, civil society organizations and private sector on how to develop sustainable Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) systems;
  • Able to demonstrate at least 5 communities 100% powered by RE sources; and
  • Highlighted these models to encourage the national government to enhance the RE program of the country.