Name of the initiative:


By: AYALA & AYALA CONSULTORES Cía. Ltda. Business and industries
Scope: Latin America and the Caribbean
Timeframe: 20 years
Starting month:


Project's value: 1M – 10M USD

Our commitment is to work alongside strong and worldwide recognized organizations and national and local governments as much as possible towards the recognition upon the importance of secure valuations within nation economic systems.  If we consider that, according to the World Bank, about 50-70% of world´s wealth is in Real Estate there should be more attention putted on pricing, value,  secure valuations and credits done by using standards globally recognized settled by international competent organizations. Nowadays, according to the last world´s challenge that we all are facing to, secure valuations are more and more important for the following purposes:

·        Local governments housing price regulation and control. ·        Rural land price regulation. ·        Evironmental assets value. ·        Water and land uses regulation. ·        Secure business investments ·        Secure credits

To do this it is necessary to prepare competent valuers, according to high quality valuation standards for the public benefit.

Implementation modalities:

We expect to implement this commitment by:

  • Defining an operations plan
  • Preparing our professionals at international levels.
  • Working alongside international valuation setters to develop and to promote valutions and its very important role within economies in Latinamerican Region.
  • Promoting the need for secure valutions for social puroposes to local goverments.
  • Taking part of national and international discussions and roundtables where possible upon social orientated valution benefits.
  • Carrying out assesments regularly upon the commitment accomlishment plan.
Expected accomplishments:
  • National legal frameworks for valuers and secure valuation according to international recognized valuationstandards.
  • Local govenrments valutions and revaluations plans for public benefit.
  • Governments and local governments policies upon urban and rural real estate valuation.
  • Businesses to understand the importance of valuation for financial statements purposes.
  • Governamental policies towards environmental assets valuations and re valuations.