Name of the initiative:

Sustainable Urbanism Graduate Seminar University of Florida

By: Martha Kohen Research and Academia
Scope: Local
Timeframe: 5 years
Starting month:


Project's value: < 100k USD

To assist Local  Authorities of areas impacted by Sea level Rise in Florida, in particular low lying low income residential areas , with the generation of visionary infrastructure and urban development strategies. To collaborate with ONG and other Academic units in generating Research based knowledge for understanding and implementation of adaptive strategies.To disseminate ideas among the younger generations of students. To collaborate with International partners world wide through our Consortium for Hydro-generated Urbanism in SOA DCP UF, including South America and Asia. To Publish consistently advancements in design based research. To advance our partnership with UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Quality and Culture specially in Africa, to expand scope of interest to the African nations.

Implementation modalities:

We advance the subject through administering Undergraduate and Graduate courses at the University of Florida and Universita' la Sapienza in Rome. We produce Symposia in New York, Miami ,Rome and at Gainesville UF USA. We Organize International Workshops (UNESCO supported) with the presence of international scholars and students to produce visualization of adaptation strategies . We organize and also participate in Local Authorities and Chamber of Commerce Summits and meetings regarding the impact of Sea level Rise in communities.We collaborate with other 6 State Universities in the State of Florida under the Coordination of the Florida Climate Institute

Expected accomplishments:

Influence multiple generations of students towards sustainable urban pracices. Coordinate and explore policies at local, state, National and International levels


Publish and disseminate results through publications , lectures and workshops

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