Name of the initiative:

Sustainable Tourism Planning to design cities, rebuilding and economy reactivation in post-catastrophic scenario: Manabi and Esmeraldas Ecuador's Earthquake

By: Heleana Zambonino National governments
Scope: Local
Cities of implementation:
  • Canoa
  • Chone
  • Bahia De Caraquez
Timeframe: 5 years
Starting month:


Project's value: 10M – 100M USD

April 16 Earthquake18h58 (local time), magnitude 7.8. Hypocenter in front of Pedernales (Manabi), 20 km deep.
According to sample information by the General Statistics Coordination of the Ministry of Tourism, 115 buildings were affected total way by the earthquake as follows: 27% of this total is located in Pedernales, 26% in Manta, Portoviejo 17%, 14% in San Vicente, 10% in Sucre (Bahia de Caraquez), 3.5% in Muisne; Jama 2.6% and 0.9% in Rocafuerte in the activities of Accommodation and Food and Beverages (A + B). It is important to note that all these buildings must be demolished and are calculated as total loss.
Impacts of this catastrophe in tourism economy are severe. Tourism operations basis is accommodation availability in these destinations, given its empirical development; therefore productive chain is extremely dependent. This is demonstrated when evaluating employment figures declared during sampling conducted. While most urban densification places are those where greater job loss is recorded; the cities where most buildings collapse occurred are those where the proportion of job loss is greater: Pedernales (63%), Jama (57%), Muisne (52%), Canoeing (50 %), which correspond directly to places where greatest number of people is vulnerable due to employment loss.

Implementation modalities:

1. Sustainable tourism development plan
2. Land use planning and law enforcement
3. Immediate intervention program for Tourism reactivation
4. Capacity building

Expected accomplishments:

327 tourist establishments have begun the process of rebuilding its infrastructure
327 tourist establishments have technical studies to enable reconstruction
115 tourist establishments totally collapsed have submitted applications for financing public or private financial institutions
212 tourist establishments have formalized their activities and meet the tourism and construction regulations
327 tourist servers access formulating business plan to access funding
1566 places of temporary accommodation destinations implemented in more job losses.
200 immediate jobs created.
150 places additional employment for complementary services.
350 people trained in customer service and quality standards.
100 modular housing systems high-end built by local suppliers
4 strategic alliances for the implementation of tourism infrastructure.
400 accommodation places for the high-end segment
150 direct jobs generated with characteristics of high added value for tourist service
One viewpoint and one geographic marker built in the district of Pedernales
212 tourist establishments trained in quality standards and TOURCERT SIGO through their legal representatives
212 representatives of employees trained in tourist establishments SIGO quality standards and TOURCERT
990 people trained to prepare investment plans and business plans in the tourism sector


1. Sustainable tourism development plan
2. Land use planning and law enforcement methodology and agreements
3. Immediate intervention program for Tourism reactivation results
4. Capacity building results: successful experiencies and lessons learnt