Name of the initiative:

Sustainable Cities for Citizens Application-SuCCA Project

By: Oniosun Temidayo Isaiah Research and Academia
Scope: National
Cities of implementation:
  • Abuja
  • Akure
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month:


Project's value: < 100k USD

The SuCCA project is a direct response to the information, education and communication gap that could exist as we build a sustainable and prosperous city. It will be a cross-platform, user friendly app that will raise quality of life through strategic instant messages (IM) on how citizens can be a part of building a healthier housing system, healthy and green society. The Information, Education and Communicated materials within the app will help serve as a proponent to safer, inclusive and sustainable cities and importantly, serve as the stop gap for urban intervention. The idea is to give awesome user experience, increase productivity and ultimately increase revenue for users.

Implementation modalities:

SUCCA Project will go through four (4) major phases which include

  • Preparation and Procurement Phase
  • Structural Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Validation and Deployment Phase.

The first stage is data retrieval for the project. The second phase is the database development, interface development, user case scenario and app skeleton development. The third stage is the server set up and app testing while the final stage is the app validation and app deployment.

Expected accomplishments:

1.                  Users will get real time alert of hazards approaching them or happening around them (Environment, Economical and social).
2.                  Help communities visualize the impacts of their actions on the sustainability of their cities.
3.                  There will be key promotion on information on strategies and easy to do steps by citizens to provide a liveable society
4.                  The provision of education on key highlights on resilient cities and urban renewal
5.                  Access to strategic edutainment for enhanced understanding of key issues in urban development in different languages
6.                  The application will provide up to date global trending information on green cities, success stories, urban renewal, sustainable mobility, art and citizen’s participation and public services
7.                  The application will engage citizen and enhance citizens’ ability to serve as ‘eye witnesses’ to best practices or latest news and share with the world
8.                  The app will Help citizens share alert messages on e.g. collapse building, flood, new green solutions etc.
9.                  Use data gathered by the citizens to measure the effects of individuals, groups and the government actions in ensuring sustainable cities.
10.             It will create a platform where citizens’ concerns at their location can be addressed in a strategic manner
11.             Share information on leaders’ acting on urbanization and hold them accountable


The application will be deployed on the respective stores and available for download by users. Application will be cross-platform developed on Cordova and will be made available for download on Google Play Store for Android users, Windows Store for Windows users and App Store for iPhone users.
The urban agenda seeks to address urban renewal and sustainable mobility through innovative technologies to enhance public services with key citizens’ participation. This is one app that addresses multifaceted issues in a very interesting and innovative way. It is grassroots focused and seeks to serve as an info to help with early warning signals where appropriate. It is going to be the latest tool to addressing the multifaceted urban challenges, yes, in innovative ways. An average Nigerian uses a smartphone; this app will give information worth than the price of the smartphone. As we all know that the world is adapting to the Internet of a Thing (IoT), this is an innovating way of ensuring safer cities.