Name of the initiative:

"Supporting Community-Led Habitat" and the implementation of art. 31 and art. 107 of the New Urban Agenda

By: urbaMonde Civil Society Organizations
Scope: Global
Timeframe: 5 years
Starting month:


Project's value: 100k – 1M USD

We are convinced that organized inhabitant groups (federated saving groups, housing cooperatives, community land trusts, habitat groupé, cohousing groups, etc.) play a crucial role in the production and management of human settlements both in the Global North and South. In order to strengthen this role, we emphasize the need to build stronger partnerships between local communities and public authorities, particularly for the access to land, technical assistance and access to sustainable finance.

Expected accomplishments:

The Social Production of Habitat Platform aims at: Increasing the visibility of community-led habitat by building a common database of project; Increasing recognition of this model by promoting successful practices through a decentralized award process; Increasing experience exchange between peers by organizing regional meetings; Developing innovative financial solidarity mechanism between peers.


Through the Social Production of Habitat Platform, which consists in regional meetings, an online tool for project documentation and an annual coordination meeting of the platform partners, we will report on the implementation of Article 31 and Article 107 of the New Urban Agenda.