Name of the initiative:


By: SouthMade Foundations and philanthropies
Scope: National
Cities of implementation:
  • Quito
  • Guayaquil
  • Cuenca
  • Chimborazo
Timeframe: 5 years
Starting month:


Project's value: > 100M USD

Makers  is an iniciative of SouthMade, the first Ecuadorian open hardware non-profit community. Our goal is to spreading projects of local developers, engineers and engineering enthusiasts worldwide. We promote the free and open exchange of ideas and information. As well the community has qualified mentors in technical and business areas to support the ongoing projects of the members.

In this last decade, the world started the new industrial revolution, which people can developed their own devices and create solutions for the city and themselves. One way to achieve it. it's using the open hardware. The open hardware is based on the share and collaboration of ideas, projects, code, design and prototypes, so you can develop more easy your ideas and impove it.

Inspire the people, inspire yourself.  Start a post for that project you’ve been dreaming of recently.
Make some friends and collaborate with them on a project.

Implementation modalities:

The first step to accomplish the iniciative is 
In 2015 with the support of Quinto Pilar, Banco de Ideas Senescyt, Campus Party, Conquito, IEEE student branch EPN, and Buen Trip. We organized the first open hardware Hackathon in Quito. This event has the objetive to develop a solution for these problem in the city.