Name of the initiative:

Re-Energizing Africa Project

By: Guzmán-Barraza Sustainable Energy Engineering & Consulting Business and industries
Scope: Local
Cities of implementation:
  • Kasese
  • Kasese Municipal Council
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month:


Project's value: 100k – 1M USD

Re-Energizing Africa Project is a reflection of our commitment to the Quito Implementation Plan. At the Re-Energizing Cities: Renewable Energy for Urban Settlings High-Level Forum, a Habitat III parallel event, we met with Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga of the city of Kasese in Uganda, and decided to start this non-profit initiative as our grain of sand against global climate change.    If you are also a concerned citizen, contact us and join our global network of professionals taking action today against global climate change! There are many ways you can be part of this project, and any source of collaboration is welcomed (social media, research, technical expertise, comercial references to relevant organizations, networking opportunities & other invitations, donations/financial support, etc.)

Implementation modalities:

Research on Potential for Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Project Proposal, Financing, Implementation of Project, and Local Capacity Building

Expected accomplishments:

We aim to provide clean energy for the city of Uganda, starting with the implementation of a clean source of energy to provide lighting in dwellings.


Replacement of kerosene lighting in dwellings by renewable energy-sourced lighting solutions.


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