Name of the initiative:

Promoting Local Government Autonomy and Rural Urbanization

By: Center for Constructive Leadership & Development International Civil Society Organizations
Scope: National
Timeframe: 10 years
Starting month:


Project's value: 1M – 10M USD

In the world where material wealth is the key to high society, where moral degeneration, fraud and intellectual dishonesty are welcome, not frowned upon, where young people are growing up with a wrong sense of ideas and values, our duty is to stimulate discussion on political, social and economic subjects and relate the theories to the stark realities of our society; to inspire our youths to place duty to the country before self and personal gain, to honor labor and abhor cheap money and fraudulent living. In short, to produce a new generation of self-reliant who will devote intellect, talent, skill, energy and dutifulness, coupled with boundless love, to service of our local communities while making a living. And to achieve all these, we have started grassroots mobilization to create awareness and advocacy for local government autonomy through The National Assembly legislation in order to untie local government from the apron strings of the State Governors and systematic economic disempowerment of local councils in Nigeria. To research in collaboration with traditional councils, masses, LGAs authorities to know the basic services/social amenities needed and ensure that Federal allocations to National Assembly members/State governments are well utilized with proper outcome indicators.

Implementation modalities:

Our target is to carry out activities that will promote all inclusive government and grassroots participation by mobilizing, clustering and training traditional/ religious leaders and democratically elected local government councils for proactive performance of their roles in their various communities. We have started compiling the list of community based organizations (CBOs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and faith based organizations (FBOs) to build their capacity on monitoring, evaluation and prompt reporting of all community based projects to ascertain quality, monetary value and timely implementation with adequate information to the community members on proper usage. We have started awareness on satellite Television Station (Liberty TV Kaduna State) to prepare the mind of the people on the need to embrace local government autonomy, rural urbanization and grassroots social and economic consolidation. We will conduct start radio jingles, newspaper publications as soon as possible for better awareness. The academicians we are collaborating with at the various tertiary institutions are waiting to seat on a round table discussion with us and the Federal Executives, National Assembly and Judiciary arm to discuss actualization. Our research teams would be mobilized for adequate gathering of information that will enhance strategies for other levels of planning, mapping and structuring. We hope to sign working agreement with Adaptahaus company in UK, Mottram Commissioning UK, Urban and Regional Planning Departments in various Universities in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Algeria to join our lecture/seminar presentation, planning and execution. We hope to give special consideration in identify, select, clustering and train Agricultural cooperatives members at various LGAs to practice mechanized farming. Our friends from Austria who are interested in Solar Electricity generation on PPP basis are waiting for our government approval to commence investment and we intend to use radio jingles, town hall meetings/rally and campaign awareness to mobilize the general public for proper patronage. The nationwide sports festivals we seek to implement will also receive a great deal of publicity via media, rally, seminars and symposiums. 

Expected accomplishments:

i. Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) identified, selected, clustered and trained.
ii. Advocacy for Local Government Autonomy done and LGAs autonomy bill passed by the National Assembly.
iii. Number of communities reached with information and awareness via media sensitization increased.
iv. Number of grassroots persons, groups and organizations with good knowledge of the meaning and amount of constituency budget allocated to National Assembly members on quarterly basis as well as States monthly Federal allocation increased by 85%.
v. Number of traditional and religious leaders who accepted to work with us increased by 70%.
vi. Number of people interested in the affairs of government increased
vii. Number of communities having access to basic social amenities increased
viii. Number of investors ready, willing and able to invest on electricity generation, Agriculture and mining increased.
ix. Seminars, symposium, conferences, media chats, publications and presentations conducted and messages delivered.
x. Entertainment artists’ collaboration for awareness and mobilization signed and implemented
xi. Monthly collation of data and prompt reporting achieved and made available to the public.
xii. Reduced number of people migrating from rural-urban.


i. Increased number of people interested in political activities
ii. Local Government autonomy attained.
iii. CBOs, FBOs and CSOs identifed, selected and trained
iv. Third (3rd) tier (local government council) of Government clearly operational
v. Increased number of social, economic and political participation recorded at the grassroots