Name of the initiative:

Spatial Planning Saves Lives and Livelihoods

By: Maria Christina Endarwati Research and Academia
Scope: National
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month:


Project's value: 1M – 10M USD

The purpose of this research and project is to integrated spatial planning and disaster risk planning. This project is started in the midlle of 2015 and in 1-3 August 2016 the minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Launching the product with the local government that involved in this project. We must learning some catastrophic that always occurs in Indonesia, started with the biggest tsunami that cliamed many victims in 1996. This Project showed that the Spatial Planning can reduced the victims if we colaborated between spatial planning, disaster risk mapping and local government, moreover, the local wisdom can be learn and implemented directly the product to their high risk location.

Implementation modalities:

This project was fully funded by Minister of Agraria and Spatial Planning Indonesia with 3 M USD

Expected accomplishments:

We delivered mapping basis for disaster until capacity and risk map for 28 local government in Southern Coastal Part in Java Island, and integrated disaster mapping into Spatial Master Plan which have dominan disaster such as Landslide, Tsunami, Vulcanic Area, and others disaster. And its accompish by the 2-3 August 2016 when the minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning gave the book and map to the local government.


sharing knowledgeand eksperiences to the local govenrment ho w we can mitigation the disaster through the spatial planning that they already made it.

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