Name of the initiative:

King Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz Project for Housing the poor and widows

By: Hebron Municipality- State of Palestine Local and sub-national authorities
Scope: Local
Timeframe: 20 years
Starting month:


Project's value: 1M – 10M USD

Hebron municipality provide 14000 meter square land from its properity in Hebron in the state of Palestine to the Saudi Committee for the Relief of Palestinian People in order to build a 120 housing unit for widows and poor families under the administration and supervision of UN HABITAT office in Palestine.

Implementation modalities:

The implementaion is under the administration and supervision of UN HABITAT office in Palestine with the help of Hebron Municipality services , and with coordination with the ministry of social affaires in Palestine to choose the poor and widows families .

Expected accomplishments:

The project is already accomplished as appear in the attach photo


Housed 120 poor family in a healthy and safe houses conditions with high specification and standared>