Name of the initiative:

Housing design and sustainable developments

By: Andreina Lopez Professionals
Scope: Local
Timeframe: 10 years
Starting month:


Project's value: > 100M USD

Use materials that offers next environment and recycling techniques to generate sustainable sources of small-scale housing complexes that recycle and produsca resources. These small pockets must be connected with each other and in turn with macro economic and industrial center already exists in most Latin American cities . The big difference is that each picture will generate its own resources.

Implementation modalities:

BETA generate a model or focus that will allow correct errors. Select a group of people who populate the focus BETA . The selected may live in the BETA focus on the condition of attending lectures learning about sustainability , teamwork , culture , recycling, small infrastructure maintenance may enter others . BETA group model should relay what they learned to future outbreaks and these groups their children , etc.

Expected accomplishments:

To significantly change the way in which the Latin American understands the concepts of life and housing guarantee a sustainable future in all aspects . We create commitment to the living area with the environment, with the own resources to be generated , harvested crops and for us it will be more precious .


It is a futuristic concept but would ensure effective investment . Not only it would invest in improving living conditions but also to implement the techniques and sustainable practices in our citizens and they are the first responsible inherit our customs and ensure a better world.