Name of the initiative:

Global networking of urban and territorial planning agencies

By: FNAU Local and sub-national authorities
Scope: Global
Timeframe: 20 years
Starting month:


Project's value: < 100k USD

We consider crucial the work in network of metropplitan planning agencies (MPA) and national or regional networks of Metropolitan planning agencies - public or non profit organizations preparing metropolitan policies and strategies and monitoring metropolitan and urban developments. They are the memory, the database, the mappers, the think tank, the permanent urban labs and the vision providers of cities. We want to launch a networking of urban and territorial planning agencies.

Implementation modalities:

We consider that smart planning (policies and strategies) is a key driver for change regarding incluive development, climate change, new urban paradigm and governance systems. However, it needs specific tools for financing design, implementation and monitoring of these policies. The global networking of Metropolitan Planning Agencies is an advocacy and an advisory tool for global and national decision makers to find the way to enhance smart planning.

Expected accomplishments:

We agree to organize a common meeting at least every 2 years at World Urban Forums and to discuss a commun work program. 
We agree to share our experiences and methods about urban policies with the aim to build a common knowledge about practices developped in each context 
We  agree to assist and help, if needed, the creation or empowerment of urban planning agencies.


-        Every 2 years the MPA-gn will organize a meeting  at World Urban Forums and discuss a commun work program.
-        Common meetings and workshops could also be held by members of the MPA-gn, related to urban planning and the NUA’ s implementation.
-        Members of the MPA-gn will contribute to share  their experiences. It could be done through peer to peer meetings, common publications or through a common digital networking tool.
-        A juridical structure could be created in order to have a global and common representation and to access to financing to develop cooperation actions.
-        A common lobbying work will be done by the network members  and with our partners to promote urban and territorial planning as a key to fight against climate change. This way, the MPA-gn could ask for planning to be eligible to the UN Green Fund.