Name of the initiative:

CEDSI ECO Enterprise

By: center for development support initiatives Civil Society Organizations
Scope: National
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month:


Project's value: < 100k USD

This project recognises the terrible effect of climate change and deforestation. In Oyibo,there has been a high rate of deforestation especially now of the most viable Allanblackia Tree.Research and practice has proven that this is a strategic tree and in order to prevent communities from cutting them all,CEDSI and partners sort alternative livelihoods to that which included the transformation of Allanblackia to cooking oil and body products as well as introducing the green gel from water hyacinth. Its at its introductory phase and there is a growing interest to reduce deforestation and promote the eco enterprise through the sales and market and multiuse of allanblackia

Implementation modalities:

The communities have been identified. training and capacity building to create awareness,sorting of product and utilisation . Followed by continued monitoring and evaluation

Expected accomplishments:

1.Production of allanblackia oil
production of allanblackia body products
set up or training of coperatives especially women coperatives who could be small holder farmers as gatherers etc
promotion of the utilisation of allanblackia


Locally produced cooking oil
cookig gel
body products that ar e safe and natural at the local level and training on enterprise